Here’s What They’re Saying About “My Way”


“★★★★ A kick ass girl movie with a side of rock star! The message of the film is a powerful one, especially for girls who feel inferior in the ‘boy’s club’ society.”

– Tiffany Carter Santa Ana Movie Examiner

“Adding to the authenticity are onscreen comments by the likes of such rockers as Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses), Rikki Rockett (Poison) and Chip Z’Nuff (Enuff Z’Nuff.) Enjoyment is largely dependent on rooting for the spunky duo as they pursue their goal.”

– Frank Scheck The Hollywood Reporter

“Rebekah Starr is the perfect protagonist; she is a gutsy feminist and a talented musician. Audiences will be glad she made a bold statement by waking up one morning, and escaping her stagnant life.”

– Briege McGarrity Independent Film Quarterly

“I love ‘My Way,’ and you’re right, it is very funny. It’s crazy! This young woman from Pennsylvania just goes on this road trip across the country to get her music noticed. She’s a great character, she’s really funny, she’s full of energy, she’s all over the place and makes things happen. A great story and a great person.”

– Isa Cucinotta, Programmer Sound + Vision Music Documentary Series Film Society of Lincoln Center as published at

“Nothing says inspirational like a documentary featuring someone going after their dream. But when that person is a hot and talented kick ass female rock star with laser focus the ante definitely gets upped. “

– Jason Coleman

“A good film filled with free spirit and adventure. It has all the elements of adventure, sex, fun and music, and shows how focusing on your hopes and dreams can eventually become a reality if you try hard enough. There’s something very admirable about someone doing what they love with such fierce determination and reckless abandon.”

– Meredith Webb

“An excellent cinematic narrative…[the film] urges us to follow our dreams no matter the cost.”

– Leo Sopicki BlogCritics.Org

“My Way is a very good film about a very good performer, Rebekah Starr. Were I going to the screening this weekend, I would line up to get my CDs signed.”

– Steve Kopian Unseen Films

“It shows a woman’s perspective of being in a band. You don’t see much of that these days…very real as far as all of the drama goes and there’s nothing scripted about it. This documentary can motivate other women who have also have a huge passion of music and find it hard to break into the industry”

– Chris Salce

“As the ladies of Rebekah Starr Band struggle for respect, success and fulfillment, My Way communicates a strong message of female independence and perseverance.”

– The FreeStyle Life The Audience Award for Best Documentary

“Comparable to girl bands such as pre-fame Bangles (when the band was know as The Bangs) or Luscious Jackson, Rebekah has an appealing voice, knows how to write a catchy, pop-punk tune and is an accomplished guitarist. The music has both artistic and commercial appeal, and while she certainly cares about looking her best, Rebekah never tries to “get by” on her looks or exploit her sex appeal. Any woman with an ambition to be a rock musician or any genre of artist would take inspiration from Rebekah‘s story.”

– Gail Worley The Worley Gig B+

“With a cast that includes Ron Jeremy, Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses, and Rikki Rockett of Poison, along with commentary by experts on gender disparity, this tale of rebelling against the norm is a brave testament to a woman who decided to take her fate into her own hands.”

– Flavorpill

“My Way serves as an inspirational tale for people trapped in a working environment that keeps them from pursuing what they love in life.”

– Ben Kenber LA Classic Films Examiner