Temea Vendelin

Temea's fluid onstage tambourine performances are influenced by her intensive studies in tantric yoga and the mystic energies between women and men. Outside of performing with the Rebekah Starr Band, Temea is a certified yoga instructor, who teaches classes from her studio (Vendelin Yoga) in Pennsylvania.

Temea and fellow-tambourinist, Annika, have been best friends since they were young girls growing up in Tallinn, Estonia. No matter where these two beauties go together, they always end up being the life of the party. And they look so much alike that they are regularly mistaken for sisters, often even for twins, and always make double the trouble.

As for how Temea first came to join an American rock band - it all dates back to one wild trip she took to Thailand with an American boy who she met in a bar in Tallinn. A year later, Temea found herself married, and a mom, in the United States. That American boy just happened to be a high school friend of lead singer Rebekah Starr. And as everybody knows, wild crazy chicks attract other wild crazy chicks like magnets. So it didn't take long for Temea and Rebekah to befriend one another and team up creatively.

Temea is a devoted distance runner and has run the New York City marathon twice.

Temea's favorite style of music is either any music that will energize her chakras or whatever is currently playing on the cheesiest satellite radio station. Temea's favorite artist is Lady Gaga.

In the documentary, MY WAY, she acts as never failing savior and band-aid for Rebekah and Annika's ever fracturing relationship.

Annika plays Latin Percussion brand tambourines (Cyclops model), and her flamboyant sexy technique continues to be influenced by the gypsies who taught her her craft.

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