Dominique Mollee

Dominique Mollee graduated in Cinematography Studies from New York Film Academy, Universal Studios, Los Angeles, May 2010.

In 2008-2009 she also got degrees in Acting ( Film, Commercial, Meisner, Shakespeare, Voice and Movement) and in Filmmaking (Directing, Producing, Writing, Editing, Sound) at NYFA, Universal Studios to be familiar with every aspect of film making.

Before she decided to continue her education and work in the United States, Dominique Mollee graduated with a Bachelors degree (BA) in Journalism Studies in The Netherlands. During her journalism studies, her main focus was on Broadcast Journalism, Internet (videography) and International Politics.

She worked as a reporter for some of the biggest websites, newspapers, television and radio stations before graduating (, NOS Headlines, RTV Utrecht, FUNX, AD etc), and was the editor of her own Money&Business page in nationwide newspaper DAG right after graduation.

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