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Joining an American Rock Band had always been a dream of the stunningly sexy Annika Aliksoo. Annika adores rock music, loves being on stage and she is the wildest and rowdiest member of the Rebekah Starr Band.

Fun as it was, Annika grew tired of her life as a modern day Zsa Zsa Gabor. She decided she wanted something more in life than a long line of sugar daddies waiting to take care of her. So, in early 2009, Annika set off to visit Temea in America and finally pursue her rock and roll dreams.

As with the other episodes of her life, Annika just sort of lucked into things with the Rebekah Starr Band and went with the flow. Annika had learned to play tambourine when she was a girl from the gypsies. And as a groupie turned performer, she blended her tambourine right into the Rebekah Starr Band, in much the same way that Christie McVie coalesced with Fleetwood Mac. "My first concert with Rebekah was thrilling, opening for American super rockstar, Bret Michaels!"

Ever enthusiastic about an adventure, Annika joined lead singer Rebekah in the band's trek cross-country to Los Angeles this spring for the making of their first music video. From Oklahoma to Arizona, Annika won many new friends and fans by showing folks how to knock vodka back like the Russians (who dominated her small country during Soviet times.)

(As will be revealed in the band's documentary film, these drinking contests were usually followed by Annika persuading American men to marry her, an easy task for a pro like her. Though with so many suitors, she has yet to select just one man for the job.)

Besides her own band, which is her absolute favorite rockband, Annika's other favorite musicians are Estonian rockstars, Tanel Padar and Kerli Koiv, and the American rockband, Black Robot. You will see her often at Black Robot concerts on the Sunset Strip.

Annika plays Latin Percussion brand tambourines (Cyclops model), and her flamboyant sexy technique continues to be influenced by the gypsies who taught her her craft.

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